Auto Insurance Plainville CT

Auto Insurance Plainville CT

Find Your Affordable Auto Insurance in Plainville, CT

As a responsible driver, you’ve probably considered what would happen if you caused a car accident out on the road. You’ve invested the time, energy, and money in getting auto insurance in Plainville, CT in order to cover the cost of any damages or injuries you cause behind the wheel. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got into a car accident that you didn’t cause, though? You might think that’s something you don’t need to worry about. After all, the responsible driver would take responsibility for the accident, right?

Auto Insurance That Protects You

Our state government has taken steps to make sure you’re protected by requiring every driver to carry liability insurance when they get behind the wheel. The problem, though, is that not every person is a law-abiding citizen nor a responsible driver. In fact, plenty of people are out on the road uninsured. According to the Insurance Research Council, around one in eight drivers gets behind the wheel with no coverage at all. That means it falls to you to not only protect against costs you may cause but also against costs you find yourself facing through no fault of your own. Fortunately, your car insurance is there to protect you.


With reliable auto insurance, you have the option to not just cover your liability (i.e. the cost of damages and injuries for which you’re responsible), you can also protect yourself against life’s what-ifs that are entirely out of your control. For example, comprehensive coverage can be used to protect your vehicle if a tree branch falls on it while parked on the street. Nobody would be at fault here, but your policy could still pick up the tab!


You can even use your auto insurance to cover the cost of an accident you don’t cause. With uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, your policy can reimburse you for medical expenses and vehicle repairs resulting from an accident with a driver who doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for your costs, or who doesn’t have any coverage at all.


Find Coverage to Suit Your Needs

Unfortunately, we can’t force people to be responsible out on the road. Even our state laws are apparently not enough to get Connecticut drivers to carry the insurance they should when behind the wheel. That doesn’t mean you have to leave yourself exposed, though! Contact North American Underwriters to learn how you can use your auto insurance in Plainville, CT for the coverage you and your vehicle deserve.

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