Knowing the answer to these common car insurance questions can help to ensure you have plenty of protection.

Even though you probably know that you need car insurance, how much do you really know about the coverage options? To help you find the right amount of protection to meet your needs, keep these common auto insurance questions and answers in mind.

  • Why is my teen having trouble getting their own policy? Teen drivers are considered some of the riskiest drivers on the road, and many insurance companies don’t want to take on that risk. Adding your teen to your existing policy can help to build up their insurance reputation, making it easier when they look for their own policy later in life.
  • Should I bundle my auto insurance policy? Bundling your personal insurance policies, such as your auto and home policies can help you save big. Since you are buying multiple policies from the same insurance company, they will most likely provide you with a discount.
  • What will happen if I add a driver to my existing policy? People who are listed on your car insurance policy simply have coverage if they use the car. On the other hand, since you are the “named insured” on the policy, you carry all the responsibilities and rights.
  • Can I save money by combining the coverage of all drivers I live with? Combining everyone you live with under the same insurance policy will help to lower the cost of everyone’s coverage. Just keep in mind that when people move out, they will need to get their own policy.

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