Motorcycle Insurance In Connecticut

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At North American Underwriters, we understand that your motorcycle is an extension of you. Your bike symbolizes the freedom and fun that you love! That’s why we’re here to offer you motorcycle insurance in CT that maximizes protection for you and your ride. But what does that protection look like? There’s no cookie cutter answer. The safeguards you need depend on you, your bike, and how you use it.

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  • Liability Coverage – You do your best to be careful on the road, but accidents happen. And when you cause them, they can get pricey. Fortunately, your motorcycle policy’s liability coverage can help pay for bodily injury and property damage you cause.
  • Collision Coverage – If your bike smashes into something on the road (or something smashes into it!), one of your top priorities is going to be repairing it. That’s when collision coverage will come in handy, since it can pick up the tab for whatever needs fixing, up to your policy limits.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – What happens if trouble befalls your bike while it’s parked? Comprehensive coverage can come to your aid if your motorcycle gets stolen, is vandalized, or is damaged by another covered non-collision incident.
  • Accessories Coverage – If you’ve added a radio, chrome, saddlebags, or other accessories to your bike, this portion of your policy will insure them.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage – What happens if someone causes an accident with you? Their insurance should pick up the tab – but what if they don’t have coverage? In this situation, uninsured motorist coverage can come to your rescue!

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