Connecticut Personal Insurance

Connecticut Personal Insurance

Auto Insurance

Protecting yourself with adequate auto insurance is of utmost importance in keeping yourself safe. It’s important to know, however, that no two policies are alike. The professionals at North American Underwriters can set you up with an adequate Connecticut auto insurance policy that fits your needs.


Auto insurance behaves like a guard that can aid in case of injury, loss, or other damages. A proper North American Underwriters policy will be able to help you when you’re in a situation that calls for it the most. We understand that a proper Connecticut policy is not one-size-fits-all. NAU policy coverage options, features, and discounts mean we’ll do our absolute best to match you with the coverage at a price you deserve. Read more about auto insurance…

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Classic Car Insurance

Connecticut Classic Car insurance requires more than your standard insurance policy. Whether your ride is an old-school kit car, or an old military Hummer, North American Underwriters can provide substantial coverage for your classic vehicle. If your classic car is securely stored and not used as your main form of transportation, classic car insurance in Connecticut could be right for you!


Normal auto insurance policies aren’t comprehensive enough for classic car issues such as retrieving unique parts that are impossible to find. Especially if you put a great deal of effort into restoring your ride, you must protect your investment with a tailor-made policy for your antique ride. Treat your one-of-a-kind cruiser with a one-of-a-kind policy from North American Underwriters today! Read more about classic car insurance…

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Senior Driver Insurance

If you recently turned 50, you might be in line for a proper Connecticut senior driver insurance policy as opposed to normal auto insurance. At North American Underwriters, you have a local independent insurance agent who’s dedicated and regularly reviews your account and updated needs. Some factors might come into play for discount if you change your car as you get older, as well.


If you switch from driving a high-end vehicle to a standard car, it’s likely that your rates may be eligible for a decrease. Although, you must also note that how often you drive plays a role in determining your senior driver rates. Also your driving record must be evaluated before transferring over to a Connecticut senior driver insurance policy. Call North American Underwriters today to evaluate your options as a senior driver! Read more about senior driver insurance…

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Motorcycle Insurance

North American Underwriters is your solution for Connecticut motorcycle insurance. Whether you’re an older rider, or fresh to the motorcycle community, the professionals at NAU will do their best to find you the perfect policy. We work to match you with a quote that has substantial coverage in order to leave you worry-free on the open roads.


In addition to collision or comprehensive coverage, you may be eligible for accessory coverage. Accessories may include but are not limited to backrests, seats, chrome pieces, saddlebags, or more! Always remember, when riding to wear proper gear, always ride defensively, and most importantly, wear appropriate gear. Check your tires, look for signs of oil or gas leaks, test your lights, and hydraulic/coolant fluid levels. Contact North American Underwriters for your Connecticut motorcycle insurance options today! Read more about motorcycle insurance…

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Home Insurance

Your home insurance policy should be just as unique as the great state of Connecticut is! Protect one of your biggest assets with a comprehensive home insurance policy in CT. The best way to feel safe about your investment’s well-being is to have a policy that fits your specific needs. Considering the influx of natural disasters, you must be sure that you’re protected.


At North American Underwriters, you’ll be teamed up with an agent who keeps your best interests in mind. Our independent agents will not rest until you are matched with a substantial policy that leaves you feeling at ease. We’ve been providing CT home insurance since 1967, and as local members of the community, we understand the value of keeping your home safe and secure at all times. Read more about home insurance…

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High-Value Home Insurance

When you invest in a high-value home, you make it into your haven. Considering how it’s an extremely large investment, a standard homeowners policy may not apply. A high-value home needs a special Connecticut high-value home insurance policy.

Instead of looking into extra extension coverage options, the independent agents at North American Underwriters can set you up with insurance that leaves you completely protected, especially considering the amount that actually needs protecting. Contact NAU for a high-value home insurance policy in CT today! Read more about high-value home insurance…

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Condo Insurance

A condominium in Connecticut needs adequate condo insurance specifically for that unit. At North American Underwriters, our independent agents will take the time to match your needs with a policy that fits what kind of coverage you require.


Some issues residents normally are confronted with when it comes to Connecticut condo insurance is making the mistake of not realizing gaps in their coverage. Some personal policies may not necessarily overlap with the community’s policy structure. North American Underwriters can assist with finding those coverages and protecting you where you need it most. Read more about condo insurance…

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Renters Insurance

When you rent a home or apartment in Connecticut, you need adequate insurance coverage to ensure your protection in case of a disaster. Although you don’t own the structure, you still need a comprehensive policy that protects its contents. CT Renters insurance covers personal property like computers, furniture, electronics, and more!

Depending on your coverage, renters insurance may cover losses caused by weather storms such as wind, hail, lightning and more or non-weather disasters like theft, riots, vehicles, and vandalism. North American Underwriters will meet with you to provide a quote that fully encompasses all your needs and leaves you adequately protected as a renter in Connecticut. Read more about renters insurance…

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Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is necessary to protecting yourself when disaster strikes. Did you know that floods are the number 1 natural disaster in the United States? Flood insurance isn’t a part of your typical homeowners insurance coverage and it’s not just for high-risk areas! 20% of all flood claims come from areas that are considered low to moderate-risk areas. Even if your property is on raised ground and is not in a flood zone, you still are at risk.

North American Underwriters can aid with finding you a policy that could provide much needed relief during a time of stress. When natural disasters like floods in Connecticut strike, be prepared with ample CT flood insurance coverage. Read more about flood insurance…

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Life Insurance

At North American Underwriters, our goal is to provide you solutions for your life insurance needs. From term to whole and universal to variable life insurance, NAU will make sure that you and your family are substantially taken care of should the worst occur.

Life insurance helps provide instant cash at death. Plans like this are in place so that your family can move through the grieving process worry-free without thinking of the financial logistics. If you’re married, have kids, are a single parent, retired, or even a small business owner, if you have dependants, you may be in dire need of a Connecticut life insurance plan. For more information, speak to the independent insurance agents at NAU today! Read more about life insurance…

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RV Insurance

For specialized Connecticut RV coverage, North American Underwriters has you covered. Whether you ride a vintage travel trailer to a brand new 40-footer, your recreational vehicle needs to be protected on and off the roads. Although you may not be able to get out as much as you’d like, you must always be sure you’re driving with and insurance policy to cover you.

CT RV coverage is more affordable than you would expect. If you want to protect your RV with insurance that’s more suited for a car, you could be throwing your investment to waste. Drive smarter and enjoy your RV worry free with an RV insurance policy in Connecticut today! Read more about RV insurance…

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Watercraft/Boat Insurance

Whether you’re on the high seas or just the local lake, Connecticut boat and watercraft insurance is an absolute must. Our goal is to get you out on the water so you can actually enjoy your trip worry-free.

The independent insurance agents at NAU will do all that we can to find you a CT boat insurance policy that fits your needs. From sailboats and houseboats to Jet Skis and Sea Doos, you have to make sure you’re riding safely in Connecticut, or anywhere in the greater Northeast area. Protect yourself with NAU CT boat insurance today! Read more about watercraft/boat insurance…

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Power Sports Insurance

Do you enjoy riding in your off-road vehicle? Ride safely with NAU’s power sports insurance in CT. Whether you enjoy dirt bikes or ATV’s, your power sport vehicle must be adequately protected.

Make sure your parts and accessories are all insured so you can enjoy your leisure activity to the fullest degree! ATV, dirt bike, and other power sport vehicles need separate insurance policies in Connecticut. As an avid rider, you know that parts can get expensive; if damaged, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be back on the horse in no time! Read more about power sports insurance…

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