Flood Insurance Connecticut

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_single_image image=”2597″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_empty_space height=”” el_class=”short-space”][vc_custom_heading text=”Make sure your Connecticut home is insured with flood insurance from North American Underwriters” use_theme_fonts=”yes” el_class=”global-h2″][vc_empty_space height=”” el_class=”short-space”][vc_column_text el_class=”paragraph”]Flood insurance policies cover physical damage to your property and possessions from floods or flood-related losses due to rising water in high risk areas. The federal government runs the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which can issue flood insurance policies. Even if you have homeowners, renters, condo, landlord, mobile home or business insurance, you may need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy to have protection from flood damage. Get a flood insurance quote from North American Underwriters today![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”” el_class=”white-space”][vc_custom_heading text=”Let’s see how a proper flood insurance policy in Connecticut can serve you!” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:left” use_theme_fonts=”yes” el_class=”global-h3″][vc_empty_space height=”” el_class=”short-space”][vc_column_text el_class=”paragraph”]Homes, office parks and parking lots are springing up in place of forests, meadows, and other open spaces. As a result, the land is losing its natural ability to absorb water and floods are becoming more severe. At North American Underwriters, we want you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected. To determine if flood insurance is right for your situation you can contact North American Underwriters today.
Think you’re not at risk? Consider this:

  • Approximately 25 percent of flood insurance claims come from low-risk areas.
  • Six out of ten Presidentially declared disasters involve flooding.
  • Flooding occurs in every state and can occur at any time of the year.
  • Federal disaster relief is available only if a federal disaster is declared, which occurs in less than half of all floods.
  • Flood insurance pays for your covered losses, even if a disaster is not federally declared.
  • Federal Disaster relief is usually a partial recovery in the form of a loan, with monthly payments that may be more expensive than the average annual flood premium.
  • If you do not purchase and maintain a flood policy after you have received federal disaster assistance, you will not be eligible for future disaster relief.

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