Homeowners Insurance in West Hartford, CT

Homeowners Insurance in West Hartford, CT

Safeguard Your Most Valuable Asset with Homeowners Insurance in West Hartford, Connecticut.

At North American Underwriter, we possess the knowledge and insurance carriers to help you compare quotes for homeowners insurance in West Hartford, Connecticut. You will have a wide variety of policies and coverages to choose from, allowing us to help you secure optimum coverage for your home, belongings, and budget.

No two houses are alike. The contents, family members, and its upkeep are all different from house to house. Therefore, you should not opt for a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter home insurance policy. Your home is unique and deserves specialized and tailored coverage. Luckily, within a home insurance policy, there are many options to protect your property. Below are the different components of a comprehensive home insurance policy.

  • Coverage for the physical structure
    Physical property protection covers the physical building against damage caused by fire, wind, hail, extreme weather, and other unforeseen events. Many home insurance policies provide compensation for repairs stemming from these events.
  • Coverage for contents of your home and personal belongings.
    Personal belonging coverage is vital – After all, your prized possessions mean a lot to you. Physical property coverage does not include the contents of the structure, which is where belonging coverage comes into play. Selecting a policy that protects your possessions (furniture, electronics, clothing, big-ticket items, etc.) is a step in helping you avoid out-of-pocket repair and replacement expenses in the event of an accident.
  • Coverage for the cost of temporary housing.
    If a disaster destroys your home, you may be forced to find temporary housing while yours is being analyzed and repaired. Loss of use coverage can help you pay for additional expenses of being away from your home, including hotel rooms and restaurant meals.


The cornerstone of any protection plan for your home lies in a quality home insurance policy. For the right homeowners insurance West Hartford, Connecticut and secure peace of mind, contact the team at NAU today.

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