Insurance In Newington, CT

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Love it or hate it, insurance is a part of life. There are just some policies that you need and others that you should have for future protection. When you are shopping for your next insurance policy, it can seem daunting when there are so many coverages and insurers. Luckily, at North American Underwriters, we take the stress away and do the hard work for you. In turn, this leaves you with reliable insurance in Newington, CT and more free time to do the things you enjoy. Take a look at just a few of our insurance offerings.

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  • Home: Your home is where your family grow and memories are made – it’s only natural to want to secure the best protection. We offer valuable property, liability, loss of use, and more coverage to suit your unique property.
  • Auto: Whether you own a commuter car, classic set of wheels, or a motorcycle, we can help you protect your journey on the road. We have the right policies to cover medical costs and repair expenses should a car accident happen.
  • And more: From life to high-value home to condo to flood insurance, we offer a wide range of policies to suit everyone.

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  • Commercial Property: Everything in your business building should be protected, from equipment to inventory to the structure itself. Insurance can help to cover the costs of repairs and replacements in the event of a covered peril.
  • Commercial General Liability:When you work with vendors, customers, employees, and others, you open yourself up to liability risk. Liability coverage includes bodily injury and property damage that your business causes to others.
  • And more: If you are a unique business, we can help find reliable coverage. We help hundreds of restaurants, contractors, and more find quality coverage.

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