Father’s Day is a time to show your dad how much you appreciate all that he’s done for you and the family.

Fathers can be quite the interesting specimen: creating the worst of all dad jokes while simultaneously being the wisest man you know. Getting gifts for him may be stressful because you don’t want to disappoint him. Don’t worry! Unless you wrap him the can of beans from your own pantry, it’s hard to disappoint your dad. If you want to get him something he’ll use for a long time—and something that isn’t socks—here are three great Father’s Day gift ideas we know he’ll love!

  1. Globe Bar. All men love to spin a globe while they sip on their whiskey. It gives them a sense of power: like nearly all Bond villains do in their spare time. Give him a sense of being even cooler by giving him a globe that opens at the equator to reveal, not the layers of the Earth, but a vast collection of good drinks.
  2. Drinking Glasses: Collector’s Edition. If your dad loves something, he’ll love drinking out of that thing. If he loves The Beatles, or Star Trek, or any sports team, getting him a collector’s set representing his passion will make his experience that much better.
  3. Beer Cap Map of the U.S. If your dad loves to travel as much as he loves opening a cold one after a long day at work, then this map is sure to make his day (or life). He can visit the 48 continental states and place a cap in all the geographical locations that are available. (And if he doesn’t love to travel, but loves beer, it will give him an incentive for the former.)

We at North American Underwriters hope these gifts get you started on the right foot finding the perfect Father’s Day gift. For all of your insurance coverage needs, contact the insurance professionals at North American Underwriters. Serving Farmville, Plainville, Bristol, and surrounding Connecticut areas, we will help you find the policies that meet your specific needs, all at the right price to fit your budget.