Interested in gardening, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!

Gardening is an incredibly underrated hobby that everyone should take up. It gets you outside, burns calories (you’d be surprised!), produces rewarding results, and you reduce your carbon footprint! Whether you’re looking to grow ambrosial fruits and vegetables or opulent flowers, these three tips and tricks for beginners will certainly get you started on the right foot! (Or left, if that is where you stand.)

  1. Compose Your Own Compost

Make sure your container has plenty of compost! If you think gardeners don’t trash talk, think again! “A gardener with no compost is no gardener at all.” Composting is easy! Just save your food waste, especially egg shells, apple cores, and coffee grinds.

  1. Location Location Location

All plants have their own needs and requirements. We’re lucky to have legs, so if we don’t want sun we simply walk. Plants, as we know, don’t have that luxury, so it’s up to you to plant them where they need to be. Some plants love the sun, others want shade, and others want sun for only a portion of the day! Always research your plants and plant them accordingly.

  1. Organic Food!

While GMOs and organic foods are not discernable when it comes to our health, organic food without a doubt tastes better! Going organic with your fertilization and soil is also best because plants that are treated with chemicals may become weak and prone to disease. It’ll also save you some green when it comes to buying your produce.

Creating your garden and watching your plants blossom into the luscious foliage that they are is a great feeling that fills one with knowing that this came from your hard work. To keep you safe in case of an accident Contact North American Underwriters for all of your home insurance needs in Bristol, Farmington, Plainville, and surrounding Connecticut areas.