More than half of all small businesses never make it past their first year, give your business the chance it deserves.

Small businesses are a reminder to all of us that the American Dream is still somewhere out there, and it takes a lot luck, hard work, and perseverance to find it. The sad truth, however, is that 90 percent of all small business owners never find it and are forced to close their doors before they’re even given a chance. By protecting your business with the right insurance policy, you are giving your business an extra lifeline when it comes under hardships. Here are three business insurance policies you should purchase for your business if you want to succeed without financial worry.

  1. Property Insurance

If your business has a physical space, like a building or home office, you need property insurance. This protects your business from things like storms, fires, theft, and vandalism. It also protects the things inside of your building that are part of the business, like computers, and other office equipment.

  1. Liability Insurance

If your product or service injures a third-party, you could face quite a costly lawsuit. This policy would cover the costs it would take to go to court and hire a lawyer.

  1. Workers Compensation

This type of insurance offers insurance to those employees who get ill or injured on the job. In exchange for paying his medical bills and offering wage replacement, the employee gives up his right to sue the company. It’s a win-win!

Your small business deserves the best kind of protection because it was you that saw it form from an idea to reality. For all of your business insurance in Bristol, CT needs, contact North American Underwriters. Serving Bristol, Farmington, Plainville, and surrounding Connecticut areas, we will work with you to ensure you have the coverage you need, all at the right price.