RightTrack® tracks your driving and give you discount, and with the data they may give you further discounts. 

Many people feel like they are paying too much for auto insurance. By offering RightTrack to your clients, you are giving them an option to save more money–and all they have to do is drive. If you want to offer your customers discounts to make them happy, here are the top three reasons why you should offer RightTrack to your customers.

  1. It Will Save Your Customers Money
    Your customers earn a 5 percent discount simply by signing up for the program. It tracks and records their driving patterns, and if they show they are good cautious drivers, they may be eligible for up to a 30 percent final discount based on their 90-day trial.
  2. It’s Easy
    The RightTrack kit will be shipped directly to their home. The kit includes the tracker device and is very easy to install (instruction on how to do so will be included in the package). Should they have any questions, Safeco’s customer service is always on standby.
  3. It Will Strengthen Your Relationship
    Customers who have installed this device and used the RightTrack tended to stay with their provider longer. And with the automatic 5 percent discount and a 30 percent potential further discount, they’ll appreciate the recommendation that you gave them.

Privacy Concerns

You may be wondering about privacy concerns and so will your clients. RightTrack only monitors the miles that are driven, the time of day those miles are driven, and the acceleration (and deceleration) of the car which are communicated via your car’s internal computer.

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