If you own a vehicle, you should own an auto insurance policy. There are a number of different factors that impact the cost of your auto insurance. While not all companies use the same parameters, North American Underwriters, Inc. will help you understand what commonly determines the bottom line of your auto policy.women in car

First, your driving record – The better your record, the lower your premiums. If you have been in accidents or had serious traffic violations, it is likely you will pay higher premiums. How much you use your car also matters when determining the cost of your premium. The more miles you drive, the more chance for an accident. Where you park is also considered. Do you park in a secure garage? Or do you park on a street?

Teenagers driving car

Other factors taken into consideration while determining your auto insurance costs are: your age, your gender, the car you drive, and the amount of auto insurance you wish to carry. Mature drivers generally have fewer accidents than beginners. Statistics show that woman are involved in fewer accidents, and when woman are involved in an accident they tend to be less severe than men. The cost of your car and the amount of insurance coverage you want to carry are major factors in the cost of your policy as well.

There are many different factors that go into determining the cost of your auto insurance policy. Some factors can vary from one area or state to another. To get the best idea of the cost you will pay for auto insurance, contact North American Underwriters, Inc. at (860) 674-4000 or online at https://www.nauinsurance.com/ to request your free auto insurance quote!

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