Does Your Antique Car Have The Protection It Needs?

Spring is likely your favorite time of year as a classic car owner. The warming weather marks the time where you can pull your antique car out of the garage and get it ready for the open road. It also brings a season of parades, where you can put your classic on display for everyone to appreciate.

Since your classic car is just that—a classic—it deserves to have insurance coverage that reflects its value. Most auto insurance coverage is based off the fact that cars depreciate in value. Obviously, your antique car is different, as it has only grown in value over the years. Consequently, traditional auto insurance is insufficient to safeguard your ride. You need classic car insurance to get the right level of protection for your special ride.

We are able to cover classic cars that are built 19 years ago or earlier. In other words, if your car is from 1996 or prior and is a convertible, coupe, station wagon, vintage motorcycle, corvette or of another classic or antique build, you should talk with your agent about getting antique & classic auto insurance coverage. There are specialty programs to cover your steam automobile, farm tractor, military vehicle too.

If you have made some modification to your vehicle, you should also consider getting modified auto insurance. This will protect your hot rod, custom car, rare vehicle, kit car, and more.

For all of your vintage coverage needs, contact our team. Our classic, antique and specialty vehicle and auto policies are really affordable too!  We are able to write policies to protect your vintage boats and motorcycles as well. Do not leave your classics without the coverage they merit!