Driver’s Ed Will Not Teach Your Teens About Auto Insurance Or Their Tires

In an ideal world, your teens would come out of driver’s education knowing every piece of information and equipped with every skill necessary to masterfully handle the road ahead. While driver’s ed will impart some need-to-know info like the rules of the road, it will not fully prepare your teen driver.

To help you prepare your new driver to get behind the wheel, take the time to teach your teens about their auto insurance and tire maintenance needs.

You may not be able to teach your son or daughter to perform all of the necessary vehicle maintenance, but you can at least show him or her how to care for the vehicle’s tires. If he or she is only going to mind one part of the vehicle, the tires are a great place to start because, as the vehicle’s only point of connection with the road, they are crucial.

To start, pull out the vehicle’s owner’s manual with your teen and have him or her find the proper psi. Show your new driver how to check the tire’s air pressure, and go with him or her to fill them up the first time they need air. You should also instruct your teen on the importance of regularly rotating the tires and checking their tread depth to ensure sufficient traction. Finally, take the time to change a tire with your teen to ensure he or she has the skills needed to handle a flat.

In addition to teaching your teen driver about tire care, you should also make sure he or she understands auto insurance. If you want to connect with an expert who can help your teen learn about this important protection, contact North American Underwriters. Serving Bristol, Farmington, Plainville, and all of Connecticut, we can make the right coverage easy to understand and easy to obtain for your teen.