Use this information to help you prepare for hurricane season through the end of November.

Hurricane season has begun. From June through November 30th, it’s important to be on the lookout for hurricanes. Ensure that your insurance coverage gives you enough coverage and that you’re able to differentiate between the four storm conditions announced by the National Weather Service. Here’s what you need to know about hurricanes and your coverage.

Hurricanes and Your Insurance Coverage.

Hurricanes and tropical storms can be incredibly damaging. With high winds and flooding, your risk for property damage is high. New coverage or amendments to your current personal or commercial coverage cannot be made when a hurricane or tropical storm is impending.  However, if you purchased the necessary coverage ahead of time, keep in mind that it won’t take effect immediately. There will be a scheduled date for the policy to be issued. If a storm should arise during this period where the policy is issued during the effective date, the coverage will be honored. However, there will be no further binding changes to the policies during a storm watch or warning.

Storm Conditions – Watch vs. Warning.

It’s important that you’re privy to the different types of storm conditions. That way you’re able to take the right steps to stay safe and secure and you can better understand how hurricanes effect your insurance coverage. The National Weather Service defines the four main types of storms as:

  • Hurricane Watch. A hurricane watch occurs when there’s a possibility of a storm with winds greater than 74 mph within a 48-hour period.
  • Hurricane Warning. A hurricane warning occurs when a storm is expected within 36 hours with winds greater than 74 mph.
  • Tropical Storm Watch. A tropical storm watch occurs when a storm with winds ranging between 39-73 mph is possible within a 48-hour period.
  • Tropical Storm Warning. A tropical storm warning occurs when a storm is expected within 36 hours with winds ranging between 39-73 mph.

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