Essential Boating Safety Tips

With spring nearly ready to bloom, you are likely anxiously awaiting the moment you can finally take your boat back out on the water. As your excitement continues to build, it becomes increasingly important that you refresh your memory of the important safety tips for properly handling your boat. Before you head out on the water at the first tick of spring, consider these essential boating safety tips:

  • Although most state laws only require that you have life jackets on board for each passenger, the only way this life saving device can save you is if you are wearing it.
  • There are an overwhelming number of individuals who do not take boating as seriously as driving on the roads in a car, convincing themselves there is no harm in having a few drinks while driving their vessel. In reality, intoxicated boat driving is just as serious as driving drunk on the roads. Leave the beers on shore for a safer celebration.
  • If you are an experienced boater, you know the importance of planning your maneuvers out in advance and avoiding sudden motions. Whenever behind the wheel of your boat, remain aware of your surroundings so that you can anticipate necessary movements.
  • Does your boat have a kill switch? If not, it may be advantageous for you to install one. This kill switch will ensure that the ignition is turned off if you are ever thrown out of position.
  • Most importantly, you must operate your favorite ride with common sense. This means avoiding speeding and racing, and always respecting the space of other vessels and water sport enthusiasts.

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