After a long winter, you need to make sure your boat is ready to hit the water.

Boating season is the one season that Daffy and Bugs can agree on, and hang out on the lake while they plan on how they’ll stay one step ahead of poor Elmer. Like cars that have been in hibernation, boats, too, need to be checked after a long winter before making a splash. Here are some things you should do before you set her down on the lake and enjoy a—much needed—relaxing day.

The Boat

  • Clean and grease winches, lubricate the anchor windlass
  • Inspect and test trim tabs
  • Clean canvas, bimini and dodger
  • Replace hull zincs
  • Go below deck and check hoses and lamps
  • Clean and polish all bright work
  • Check rudder, fittings, stanchion, pulpits and lifelines for wear

Engine and Electrical Components

  • Lubricate all moving connection
  • Install fresh spark plugs
  • If you didn’t change lower gear case oil last fall, do it now
  • Reconnect fuel lines (and tighten or replace hose clamps if needed)
  • Charge your battery and test it to make sure it can still hold a charge.
  • Inspect your propeller for damage that can cause unwanted vibration and harm your drive train. Make sure the propeller is secured and replace the bearings if needed.
  • Check belts and cables for wear. Black residue near the pulley could indicate a worn or loose belt. Cracking and swelling on control cable covering requires immediate attention.
  • Inspect your fuel system for leaks. Soft, brittle or cracking indicates damaged hoses that need to be replaced.
  • Check all other fluid levels

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