Bringing Out Your Team’s True Potential

Your employees are what make your work possible. Through their tireless efforts, your vision of impacting your community comes to life. It is not just enough to bring on the right people, though. In order to see success on your team, you need to empower your employees to be their best selves on the job. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

  • Listen Well: Your team spends the day in the trenches. Consequently, when they have ideas for how your processes could be improved, it is worth your while to listen to them. Welcome feedback from your staff.
  • Delegate Fully: Rather than handing a to-do list to one of your employees, give him or her freedom to take over the full project. Help him or her understand why the work is important, and give your employee the knowledge and power to take control and get results.
  • Open Up: Avoid keeping big decisions among the senior staff, leaving the rest of your team wondering what is happening and why. Instead, make sure that your entire staff is looped in on any changes being made, their timeline, and how they will help your company achieve its mission.
  • Say Thanks: Positive feedback is powerful. Never underestimate the power of acknowledging work well done. People will be encouraged to keep doing things for which they are praised.

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