Earthquake Safety Measures

As a Connecticut resident, you are likely amongst the majority of us who are confused, as our beautiful state tends to be shaking more than usual. Since many of us are not used to experiencing earthquakes in Connecticut, you most likely do not have the earthquake endorsement on your homeowners’ insurance policy. However, with 12 earthquakes already taken place in 2015, it is a wonder what is normal for Connecticut anymore and it may be time to purchase this very affordable form of protection.

The standard homeowners’ insurance policy will specifically exclude any coverage for earthquake damage, so it may be wise to contact one of our experienced insurance agents who can direct you towards a policy that best protects your home. However, it is still important that you know which preventative measures to take and the proper way to react if shaking does occur:

  • Make sure to have your emergency preparedness kit stocked in case an earthquake occurs. This kit should be filled with nonperishable food, water, a first aid kit, dust masks, a battery operated radio, batteries, flashlights, flares, and standard tools.
  • It is important that you walk through your home with your family and determine at least two exit routes in each room to reduce panic and increase readiness should an earthquake occur.
  • When the ground begins to shake make sure to drop down and take cover under a stable location such as a desk or table. It is important that you remain in the same spot until the shaking comes to a halt.
  • Make sure to stay away from all hazards, including but not limited to windows, large buildings, tall furniture, and bookcases.
  • If you are driving when the ground begins to shake, slow down and remain clear of any trees. Remain inside your car until the shaking stops.
  • Most importantly, try to utilize texting to get in contact with your friends and family as to clear up the phone lines for emergency personnel.


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