Avoid giving these dangerous foods to your pet.

If you find yourself sneaking your dog or cat numerous treats from the dinner table, note that you could be doing them more harm than good. While it’s hard to resist their big brown eyes and pleading grin, some human foods are downright dangerous for pets. In fact, many can be deadly if pet owners are not aware of the issue.

While this list is not exhaustive, the following goods may be dangerous to your pet.

Grapes and raisins – These can cause kidney failure in dogs, and even just a handful of either can make a dog extremely sick. Continuous vomiting is an early sign.

Coffee, tea, caffeine – Even just a small amount of caffeine can be fatal to cats and dogs. Keep your dogs away from cocoa, chocolate, colas, and energy drinks, too.

Xylitol – Candy, gum, toothpaste, baked goods, and diet food are often sweetened with xylitol. It causes your dog’s blood sugar to drop and may even cause liver failure. Early symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, and coordination problems.

Dairy products – Cow’s milk and milk-based products can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems for your dog. Dairy products also trigger food allergies, which can cause your dog to start itching.

Macadamia nuts – Keep your dog away from macadamia nuts and foods that have macadamia nuts in them. Just six raw or roasted macadamia nuts can make a dog sick. Look for symptoms like muscle shakes, vomiting, high temperature, and weakness in his back legs.

Peaches and plums – The problem with these fruits is the pits. They contain cyanide, which is poisonous to people and dogs. Luckily, people know not to eat them, but dogs do not.

Salt – It’s not a good idea to share salty foods like chips or pretzels with your dog. Eating too much salt can make your dog seriously thirsty and possibly dehydrated.

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