How You Can Accidentally Void Your Car Insurance Coverage

Have you received a claim denial letter? It is not uncommon for auto insurance companies to deny accident claims, especially if you have voided your coverage. A claimant may receive a denial if the company believes the driver could have avoided the accident, if nobody suffered an injury at the time of the accident, or if medical records do not indicate an injury or pain. Claim denials can be frustrating and stressful, no matter how minor or major the incident.

Understand the Rejection

The first step is to understand why your auto insurance company denied your claim. Generally, you will receive a letter from your insurer telling you that it has been denied and giving a specific explanation. If you have voided your coverage, you can expect to receive no help from the insurer. Common ways in which you can void your coverage is:

  • Failing to inform your insurance company of car modifications
  • Using your car to provide rideshare services
  • Driving with your pet unsecured in the vehicle
  • Underestimating your mileage
  • Leaving your car unlocked or the keys in the ignition
  • Lying on your auto insurance application form

Other common reasons for claim denials include:

  • You caused the accident or could have avoided it
  • You didn’t seek medical attention immediately after the accident
  • Your policy doesn’t cover the type of claim you are trying to file
  • You purchased a new vehicle without telling your insurance company

Dispute the Claim

One option you may have after a claim denial is to dispute the insurance company’s response. You can send in corrections or proper documentation to your insurer to support your claim. The insurance company may be willing to negotiate if you send in corrections.

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