Spruce Up Your Home With These Gardening Tips

Spending a little time in your garden is relaxing, uplifting, and centering. That is, it should be. If your garden is wilted or even dead, though, spending time in it will be the furthest thing from enjoyable.

To help you get your garden in top shape for summer, try these handy gardening tips for your home. 

  • Increase Calcium: You know all of those egg shells you throw in the trash? You can put them to good use! Grind them through a blender or food processor, then sprinkle the resulting powder over your garden to give it an influx of calcium in a form that is easy to absorb.
  • Plant Pots: Do you want to change up your garden with the changing seasons? Easily swap out tired blooms for those in season by planting large, empty pots in your garden so their tops are level with the soil. That way, you can easily place a potted flower in them, then easily pull it out to swap!
  • DIY, Less Gross Fertilizer: You know your garden needs fertilizer, but likely are not too excited to deal with its less-than-sanitary implications. The good news is you can quickly create an alternative way to give your plants the nutrients they need. When you boil vegetables, wait for the water to cool then pour it over your garden.
  • Lined Pots: Before your plants blooms in their permanent pots, lay a coffee liner over the drainage hole. This will keep soil from leaking out.

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