If this is your first time purchasing a home, you probably have some questions that come with buying a homeowners insurance policy.

Knowing what to look for when buying homeowners insurance can be a really daunting task—what with all of those acronyms, initialisms, and word-heavy jargon. There are a few smart choices early in the process which can lay the foundation for a comprehensive policy. Know what to look for when purchasing your homeowners insurance policy. If you consider these 3 tips for your home insurance in Farmington, CT, your experience purchasing one will go much smoother.

  1. Don’t go for the cheapest coverage

Cheap things tend not to provide the best quality—that’s why they’re cheap. Your policy should cover the basics, and these are what they are:

  • Dwelling protection: The part of your policy that covers the structure of your house as well as any attached pieces (like a garage or sun porch). It’s important to get at least enough dwelling protection to cover the total cost of rebuilding your home.
  • Personal property protection: Helps cover the amount (and monetary value) of all of your belongings, such as furniture, electronics, clothes, and other everyday items.
  • Liability coverage: Goes toward the medical and legal fees you’d face if a friend or visitor are injured on your property and decides to sue.
  1. Understand your coverage limits

You don’t have to go with the default policy that is introduced for you. In fact, it’s encouraged you get a policy that you can afford. Increase it for some kinds of coverage, decrease it for those you think you don’t need. Your deductible should be something you can actually afford when you file a claim.

  1. Review your credit score

A good credit score does more than get you a good interest rate on your insurance policy; it can also help you save on your monthly premiums. If your credit score is less than amazing, eliminate your debt, pay your bills on time, and you, too, can improve your score!

Knowing that you are protected with the right homeowners insurance in Bristol, CT can give you the peace of mind you need for your first home policy. Contact North American Underwriters for all of your homeowners insurance needs in Bristol, Farmington, Plainville, and surrounding Connecticut areas.