These States Top The List Of Premiums

Responsible homeowners know that carrying homeowners insurance protects them from unforeseen, hefty expenses. That does not mean they necessarily like paying their premiums, though. Those premiums are determined by factors including, but not limited to, building and construction costs, exposure to natural disasters, real estate values, and economic growth. As great as it is to live on the East Coast, it’s no surprise that many of the states that make the list for top ten most pricey homeowners insurance premiums are out east. Here is the full list.

  1. Florida has an annual average premium of $2,084.
  2. Louisiana comes in second place, as its homeowners pay $1,742 on average.
  3. For their coverage, Texas homeowners pay an average of $1,551.
  4. The average annual premium is $1,501 in Oklahoma.
  5. Mississippi homeowners can expect to pay an average of $1,314 for their policies.
  6. Alabama follows closely behind, with their averages at $1,248.
  7. Homeowners in Rhode Island pay an average of $1,233 for their homeowners insurance.
  8. Just slightly more affordable, Kansas grabs the eight spot with an average of $1,213.
  9. Our great state of Connecticut barely makes the list, coming in with an average of $1,160.
  10. New York residents pay an average of $1,158 for their coverage.

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