Must-Know Information Regarding Frozen Pipes

As the winter chill continues to blanket our beautiful state, it becomes increasingly more important that we remind ourselves of the proper ways to prevent frozen pipes and treat them should they occur. We want you to remain an informed homeowner at all times, which is why we have gathered all the must-know information regarding frozen pipes:

To help protect pipes from freezing:

  • Open the cabinets under kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow heat to circulate around water pipes.
  • Let faucets drip. Moving water freezes more slowly that still water.
  • Insulate pipes in your home’s crawl space or attic. Pre-cut foam insulation is inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Make sure outside water hoses are disconnected from spigots. Drain hoses if possible.
  • Turn off your water at the shut-off valve.
  • Maintain heat in your home at a comfortable level, even if you will be away from home.

If you suspect your pipes have frozen:

  • Contact a plumber for assistance.
  • Do not use lamps or electrical appliances to thaw frozen pipes. Leaking water from thawing pipes could result in an electrical shock.
  • If your plumber uses a portable torch to thaw or repair piping, make sure that combustibles are removed from the area, and that a charged portable fire extinguisher is available.
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