Tips to Get Your Boat Ready for Summer Waters

Spring is here, and you are ready to get out on the water again. But is your boat ready? Even if you’ve kept it properly and safely stored away all winter, there are still a number of tasks you should do before taking it out on rivers, lakes, and oceans. From checking the fluids to cleaning the exterior to reviewing your boat insurance in CT, check out these tips that will help get your boat ready for summer.

  • Check the Battery

The typical battery life for a boat is 4 to 5 years, depending on usage and condition. Re-fill the battery with fresh, distilled water and check the charge using a battery tester. If the battery holds a good charge, then you’re in good shape. Check all electrical connections for corrosion before getting out on the water.

  • Test the Electrics

Test all the switches, knobs, and electrical equipment on the boat. Flip the switches on the helm and cabin, not missing out on any, since all electrical systems are connected.

  • Change the Engine Oil

Properly checking the engine is paramount to de-winterizing your boat. Make sure the oil levels are correct first. If you didn’t change the oil before storing the boat for winter, now is a good time to do so.

  • Check the Belts for Wear and Tear

The belts connecting the engines and motors can crack or become brittle from winter weather. Check these manually with your hands for tears in the fibers. If you notice any black spots around the machinery, switch out your belts for new ones.

  • Clean the Exterior and Interior

Give the boat a good cleaning, being sure to scrub any dust and dirt from the hull and spring cleaning the interior. This will help to keep your boat in good condition and it will give you an opportunity to give your boat a full body inspection.

  • Take Stock of Safety Gear and Equipment

Check that life jackets, fire extinguishers, a carbon monoxide detector, and other safety equipment are in good working order.

  • Review Your Boat Insurance

Your boat insurance helps to keep you afloat. Why go through all the work to keep your boat in good condition if you’re not even covered for an accident? Boat insurance can provide reliable coverage, including physical damage, liability, medical payment, uninsured boaters, and more. See what NAU can do for you.

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