When you change your clocks, make these changes around the house.

If you’ve been waking up in the dark and are having a hard time getting out of bed because of it, you’re probably looking forward to November 1st. On that date, we’ll all set out clocks back an hour in accordance with the end of Daylight Saving Time. The hour isn’t the only thing you should change in your home, though!

The changing of the clocks is the perfect time to tackle those twice-yearly maintenance to-dos. Here are a few tasks to take on when you move your hour hand back.

  • Safety First. Make sure your home can enjoy the next six months in safety by testing your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Also, swap out the batteries now. If the “old” batteries are still functioning, pop them in a remote control, toy, or other nonessential item until they run out of juice. Also, make sure your fire extinguisher is still pressurized and in good working order.
  • Address Your Air. To extend the life of your furnace and its ability to pump warm air into your home in the coming colder months, swap out your furnace filter. Additionally, make sure your ceiling fans are turning clockwise so they’ll pull cold air up towards the ceiling and push warmer air down (switch the direction in the spring).
  • Expel Expired Items. Do a deep clean of your fridge, pantry, and medicine cabinet and throw away any items that have expired. If they’re medication, make sure to replace them promptly.

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