Run these questions by your Farmington, CT insurance agent.

Insurance is kind of like setting up a doctor’s appointment. You know you need it, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily like putting a lot of time or energy into it.

The good news is that’s where your insurance agent can come in. When you work with an agent who’s both an expert in the industry and an ally in your corner, you make it easier for your family or business to get the insurance coverage it needs. How, exactly, do you find that kind of agent?

If you’re on the hunt for the right Farmington, CT insurance agent, you should ask these questions.

  • Can you simplify this for me? You’re not an expert on insurance jargon, nor should you have to be. Ask your agent to clarify a few aspects of your insurance coverage that don’t make complete sense to you. He or she should be able to do so quickly and clearly.
  • What insurers do you represent? If you want to have the most options so you can get the most affordable coverage, it’s important you work with an independent insurance agent. You can tell your agent is independent if he or she represents multiple insurance providers.
  • How do I get a hold of you? If you’re in a pickle, you want your insurance agent to be available to offer help and advice. Ask about your agent’s availability, forms of communication (e.g. if you prefer email, make sure that’s an option), and ask how regularly he or she will reach out to make sure your coverage is up-to-date.

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