Have you utilized your insurance agent to protect your most prized property?

You probably have a few ideas on how to protect your valuables. Whether you keep them under lock and key, make sure they stay a secret amongst your family, or have set up a sophisticated security system in your home, you’ve probably taken steps to make sure the items you value most are safeguarded. Have you considered that you could put an agent on your side, though?

No, we’re not talking about a secret agent, but we are talking about someone who can be as effective in protecting your valuables! Leverage your New Britain, CT insurance agent to get the coverage you need in order to protect your most valued possessions.

Beyond simply putting your prized property in a safe and investing in a good security system for your home, you can update your insurance coverage to offer your valuables the most protection possible.

Your homeowners insurance policy most likely contains policy limits. In other words, it has caps on how much of your valuables it will pay out to protect. That means that if your expensive piece of art is stolen to your home, your homeowners insurance policy will only cover its worth up to your policy limits.

Fortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take out individual policies on all of your expensive items. Talk to your insurance agent about scheduling individual valuables into your policy. By doing so, you’ll fully protect the investment you’ve made in your most prized possessions without the hassle of additional insurance policies!

Are your valuables protected? To make sure they have the right coverage, contact North American Underwriters. Our dedicated team of experts is here to protect your most prized possessions in Bristol, Farmington, New Britain, Plainville, throughout Connecticut, and beyond! For the coverage your valuables need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our educated, dedicated staff. Don’t renew until you call NAU!