Protect Yourself With The Right Gear & Bristol, CT Motorcycle Insurance

Perhaps you love your motorcycle because of the ease of navigating it through traffic. Perhaps you love it because it is easy to park. Perhaps you love it because it uses very little gas, or gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Your bike’s compact size and open construction make it a dream machine on the road. They also expose you to the elements, though.

So that you can protect your body and your wallet when riding your motorcycle, consider this gear and Bristol, CT motorcycle insurance guide.

Since your motorcycle will not protect you, you need gear. Here are a few crucial pieces.

  • Helmet: A helmet is the single most important piece of protective gear for motorcycle riders. That is why so many states have instituted laws requiring that people wear this type of protection. When shopping for your helmet, choose one that protects your whole face and fits well.
  • Jacket: Even if your head is protected, you need to protect the rest of your body because your internal organs could suffer some serious damage in a crash. Look for a jacket with CE rated body armor that still allows for your full range of motion. Picking one with ventilation is best so you will never be tempted to skip your jacket on a sunny day.
  • Gloves: Have you ever noticed that when your bike loses its center, your first instinct is to put your hand out to catch yourself? Protect your hand with gloves that offer wind and water resistance, armor for your knuckles and palms, and a retention strap.

On top of these pieces, you also need to wear the protection of a great motorcycle insurance policy. Whether you live in Bristol, Farmington, Plainville, or elsewhere in Connecticut, contact North American Underwriters to get the right coverage to protect yourself and your bike.