Adding Comprehensive & Collision Coverage To Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy

As a motorcycle owner, you know that all of the things that you love about your bike—its compact size, its openness, its ease to park—also make it easier to steal and wreck. Consequently, you have probably given some thought to how you will protect your bike. While you are already carrying liability coverage, there are a couple of different options you should add to best protect your bike and yourself.

So that your motorcycle insurance can be as effective as possible, consider adding these types of coverage.

  • Collision Coverage: Your liability insurance can help protect you against the cost of repairing another person’s car or motorcycle if you get into an accident, but in order to avoid having to pay out-of-pocket for repairs to your own bike, you need collision coverage. With this protection, your insurer pays for the damage (minus your deductible, of course). Additionally, if your motorcycle gets totaled, collision coverage will generally pay you the actual cash value of your bike.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Collision coverage protects you against damages to your bike that occur in an accident, but your bike can get damaged even parked at the curb. To ensure that a vandalism, fire, or theft, circumstance never leaves you without a ride, carry comprehensive coverage. This protection will kick in to repair or replace your bike if it is damaged by a covered cause.

If you want to learn more about how you can add collision and comprehensive coverage to your existing policy to best protect your bike, contact North American Underwriters. Serving Bristol, Farmington, Plainville, and the surrounding area, we can ensure you have the Connecticut motorcycle insurance you need to fully safeguard your bike. Don’t renew until you call NAU!