Did You Know These Amazing Factoids About Your Bike?

Spring is the perfect time to bring your motorcycle out of storage and get it ready for the coming seasons of fun. As you tune up your bike, you probably think of all of your favorite moments on it. To fill out your personal motorcycle history with some fun facts, we would like to offer the following interesting tidbits about the wonderful world of motorcycles.

  • Kawasaki does not just build motorcycles. They also create robots and spaceships!
  • The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was creatively made, utilizing a tomato can as its carburetor.
  • If you break it down technically, an astounding eight motorcycles can fit in the parking space a single car requires. Talk about a space saver!
  • In Italian, Vespa means wasp.
  • When you back your bike into a parking spot, you know that it can be a bit tricky. That makes Hou Xiaobin’s 93.2 mile backwards motorcycle ride (the longest ever) especially impressive.
  • When you turn, three-quarters of the grip your bike has while navigating the corner comes from your front tire.
  • Japan took being environmentally friendly to a whole new level when they created a motorcycle, called TOTO, that runs on human waste.
  • The longest motorcycle on the road was built in 2005 in Russia. It is 31 feet long and can seat up to 16 people.
  • Motorcycles are over a century and a half old. The first one was built between Sylvester H. Roper in Boston between 1867 and 1869. It was called a Roper steam velocipede.

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