Which Motorcycle Brand Snatches Up First Prize?

Motorcycle owners are generally incredibly loyal to their brands. You get to know your bike, you learn to love it, and then you want to stick in the same vein because you have perfected handling the road on that particular motorcycle. It makes sense, then, that many of the top-selling motorcycle manufacturers have a solid following. Here are five of the bestselling brands.

  1. Honda: Worldwide, Honda takes the cake in motorcycle sales. While they were originally thought of mostly as a street bike brand domestically, Honda has been a long-time hot seller in Japan and the rest of Asia. With their introduction of the NC700X stateside and their competitively priced inventory, they moved into the top spot for sales.
  2. Harley-Davidson: Selling over a quarter of a million bikes around the world, Harleys have long been a favorite of Americans. They’re shifting some of their focus south, and experiencing growth in Latin American, which is helping their company compete with Honda’s sales.
  3. BMW: This German company has made a name for itself in luxury vehicles, so it is no surprise that it’s a high-ranker when it comes to motorcycle sales. While the company experienced low sales in 2008, they appear to have made a full recovery.
  4. Ducati: Defining itself as a luxury motorcycle brand with the backing from Lamborghini to prove it, Ducati sales are growing quickly and can now claim over 10 percent market share in its target demographic.

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