Motorcycle Safety Tips

A motorcycle can be a prized possession or a freedom of expression or a simple joy of riding.  So we encourage safe riding experience, which is why we have gathered a list with safe ways to conquer the rough terrain:

  • Driving through intersections – When driving through an intersection on your motorcycle, it is important that you always have your headlights on and that you position yourself in the most visible lane on the road, typically the middle lane. Be ready to brake while driving through, just in case.
  • Motorcycle-specific hazards – Be aware of large mirrors while passing other cars, debris being thrown out of windows, and large wind gusts that may decrease your distance between cars that you are passing.
  • Driving in congested areas – While you may be inclined to speed through the traffic and watch as the other drivers glare in envy, this is extremely dangerous. This dangerous timesaving tactic should be avoided at all times, as you remain in the blind spot of other cars until the very last moment.
  • Riding in poor weather conditions – If possible, take a different ride when the weather is less than favorable. However, if you must take your motorcycle, take it slow, and avoid braking suddenly. Try to find another car’s tire track and follow in the safer path they have left behind.
  • Cruising with a passenger – While you may want to show them all of your skills on the road, you must drive with increased awareness when you have a passenger aboard. This means taking it slow and avoiding braking suddenly.

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