Motorcycles offer a freedom that is unlike any other and almost exclusive to motorcycles, especially on the summer roads in Farmington, CT.

Winters have been pretty extreme recently: warm one day, freezing the next; snow one day, gone the next. These fluctuations in the weather lead many people to store their motorcycles under a tarp waiting for the seasons to change in their favor. Before you strap on your boots and helmet and start the bike, here are a few tips for getting back on the summer roads in Farmington, CT.

Performance Maintenance

  1. Tires – Tire pressure will drop significantly over the winter, and there’s nothing more dangerous than a blowing out a tire while you ride.
  2. Fuel System – Forgetting to add fuel stabilizer is the most common mistake riders make. Old fuel can turn into a gooey highly viscous material that can clog small passageways in the fuel system. Drain the fuel pipes to avoid this from happening (again).
  3. Battery – Weak or dead batteries are yet another issue that can stand in the way of reawakening a dormant motorcycle.
  4. Engine Fluids – If you didn’t change your oil and filter before storing your bike last winter, it’s best to do it right now. Old engine oil contains acids that are best removed, otherwise face the consequences of corrosion.
  5. Brakes – It is important to maintain your brakes as best as possible. Check the brake fluid, if the color resembles apple juice or darker, plan on replacing them soon.
  6. Lights – Motorcycles have a much greater chance of being involved in an accident than any car, and the consequences are dire. Nothing is protecting you from a direct hit so making sure people can see you is extremely important. With the proper lights, you’ll ensure that people see when you’re on the road.

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