Renters Insurance Covers More Than Just Your Belongings 

All too often we hear clients believe that renters insurance is just for belongings. More often than not, renters believe that they don’t have that many belongings or not enough high-value items to warrant securing renters insurance. However, renters insurance in CT provides benefits for more than just replacing damaged or stolen items. Check out what else renters insurance can cover.

  • Personal Property Coverage

Many people believe that they don’t own enough to cover against damage, but they may not realize just how much it would cost to replace everything they own. Take some time to add up the value of all of your belongings. You may be surprised at the total cost. This is why renters insurance is so important. If you have high-value items like antiques and artwork, you may need to secure additional coverage.

  • Personal Liability Protection

Even if you only invite friends and family over, accidents happen. Should an injury occur, you might be considered liable for their injuries if they were to be injured on your property. If their insurance refuses coverage for their injuries because it happened on your property, your friend or family member may come to you for financial support to cover their medical expenses.

  • Loss of Use Coverage

We can’t prevent storms. If a disaster such as a hurricane or fire forces you out of your home until repairs are complete, loss of use coverage can help you. This coverage can help to pay for expenses for you to stay in a temporary location and other related expenses until you return home, such as hotel rooms and restaurant bills.

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