Stay safe on the roads with these safe driving tips.

After a long and harsh December, Connecticut is starting to dip into freezing temperatures again. It’s safe to say that winter is not quite over for us in the northeast. Driving in snow and ice brings additional challenges and safety risks for motorists, no matter how skilled they are at driving on slick and snowy roads. To ensure that you arrive at your destination safely, follow these safe driving tips for winter.

Know before you go. Always read up on the weather conditions before you head out so that you can prepare properly and avoid any unnecessary travel. When conditions are severe, events, schools, and buildings may close.

Turn on your lights. In these dark mornings and evenings, visibility on the roads plummets quickly. Make sure that the headlights are on when there is any precipitation or when there is reduced visibility.

Reduce your speed. When the roads are wet from rain or slick from ice, your stopping distance increases significantly. By slowing down and leaving plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front, you have a better chance of staying safe.

Watch for gritted roads. Even when roads have been gritted with sand, it doesn’t mean that the chance of you skidding is naught. The sand can sink into the snow, leaving a slippery surface.

Allow more time. Plan ahead and leave plenty of time to get to your destination. Rushing through traffic is dangerous in any situation, and it can be deadly on winter roads.

Avoid cruise control. Never use cruise control on wet or icy roads as it reduces the control that you have over your car.

Keep safe around snowplows. If you must pass a snowplow, do so carefully. Leave them plenty of room, stay back at least five car lengths, and proceed with caution.

As always, buckle your safety belt, pay attention to the road, and put away your cell phone. Even the safest of drivers can fall victim to risky winter roads.

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