Protective Smart Home Security

The smartphones we carry around in our pockets are powerful tools that make life easier, and every advancement in technology enhances their impressive capabilities. The next big step forward for this type of ‘smart’ technology is into our homes. Smart home technology allows our properties to become safer and helps to prevent accidents, keeping our homes and wallets in good condition.

A smart home security system helps provide security against break-ins and theft. Many of these systems can now be controlled from a smartphone or tablet far away from the device itself. Alarms for the entire house can be set from a smartphone app even when you’re not home, and you’ll immediately get an alert if the alarm is triggered.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks allow you to check whether you’ve left a door unlocked. It can even lock a door for you from anywhere by using an app on your smartphone. Some smart locks can be monitored and controlled from a web app on your laptop or desktop computer, too. What’s more, you can program in multiple codes so that each family member, contractor, and cleaning member can have their own access codes. That way, you can track who has been in and out of your home.

Smart Lighting

Turning your home’s lights on and off has never been easier with smart lighting. Using Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection, you can use the app to turn your lights on and off from your smartphone. For example, you may want the porch lights on for when you return home after dark. You may decide to put your living room lights on when you’re out of town to make the house look occupied and deter thieves.

Surveillance Features

Video surveillance allows you to watch real-time video of your home’s interior and exterior. Some security cameras on the market will alert your phone when there’s a potential situation at your home, such as when sensors detect motion. High-tech systems can even allow you to see who’s at your door and talk to them when they ring the doorbell.

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