How Your Specialty Insurance Protects You

We are fortunate to have many hard working family businesses in Connecticut.   As a manufacturer, you face a unique set of risks. Your business has to worry about everything from customer’s claims of health or other problems due to your products, equipment breakdowns, recalls, supply shortages and more. Why, then, would anyone assume that your unique manufacturing business would be best served by non-specialized insurance?

Specifically, specialty insurance designed for manufacturers—or manufacturers insurance—will recognize your unique exposure to risks in your line of work and set safeguards in place to protect your business against all of them. Whether you are a plastic or metal manufacturer, printer, publisher, or food and beverage manufacturer, your policy should be tailored to you. From property insurance to cover your equipment and your inventory to liability insurance to protect you against any customer’s lawsuit, manufacturers insurance offers your business security.

Ask us about our manufactures output policy (MOP) to ensure your stock is covered while on your premise or away from your premises.   A workers’ compensation policy will cover your employees and your business for  injuries on the job.

A manufacturer insurance policy can safeguard your business so that you can focus more of your energy on developing and delivering the best possible product. Work with an insurance agency that understands the unique coverage needs in your line of work to ensure you get the best fortification.

Whether your manufacturing business is located in Bristol, Farmington, Plainville, or elsewhere in Connecticut, it deserves to have specialty insurance specially designed to best protect it. For all of your manufacturer’s insurance needs, contact North American Underwriters. Our expert staff knows the unique coverage required by manufacturers and is here to tailor your policy for full coverage. We are your local, family independent insurance agency and we apperciate your business.  Don’t renew until you call NAU!