Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate With These Irish Traditions

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! You know what that means – green everywhere! This special holiday makes for great fun, but it is important that you take a moment to appreciate the history of St. Patrick’s Day and refresh your memory of vital safety tips. As one of the most dangerous holidays, contributing to hundreds of deaths each year, it is imperative that you enjoy the holiday with a safety-first mentality. We want you to get the most out of this special day, which is why we have gathered a list of the most popular ways to celebrate the greenest holiday of the year:

  • Parades – Patrick’s Day is typically celebrated in large cities with massive parades filled with clovers, greenery, leprechauns, and Irish traditions. Cities with large parades include New York, Boston, and New Orleans.
  • Drinking – Since many Irish-Americans are Catholic and must fast from consuming alcohol during Lent, many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by taking a break from their drinking hiatus. The invitation to take a break from Lent promises has led to the holiday’s association with alcohol consumption.
  • Green Food & Drinks – It is all about green, so many bars and parties will feature green foods and beverages for St. Patrick’s Day. The city of Chicago even dyes their river green for the special holiday and the White House partakes in the green festivities as well.
  • Green Attire – We all know the saying, wear green or get pinched!
  • Pea Planting – Due to their color in combination with prime weather conditions, many living in the Northeast choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by planting peas.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Please do not forget to celebrate safely and responsibly! Contact North American Underwriters in Farmington for all of your Connecticut insurance needs. Your security is our top priority, and we will go above and beyond to ensure you are receiving the protection you deserve.