When do you need to add your teen driver to your family auto insurance policy?

Your teen getting his or her license probably has you feeling a mix of emotions. On the one hand, you’re proud he or she has passed the dreaded driving test and are probably more than just a little relieved to relinquish your spot on the carpool calendar. On the other, you may be worried about your teen.

Fortunately, you can give yourself at least a little peace of mind by making sure your teen driver is properly insured. Here’s a quick guide to teens and auto insurance.

You may think that as long as your teen still lives at home and doesn’t have his or her own car, you can wait to add him or her to your auto insurance policy. In fact, though, your teen is legally required to have auto liability insurance when behind the wheel as soon as he or she becomes a licensed driver.

Add your teen as an operator on your auto insurance policy to ensure he or she has the legally required coverage before handing over the keys.

When you add your teen, you will likely find that your auto insurance rates rise since teens are a very risky group of drivers, statistically speaking. Encourage your son or daughter to get good grades so that you can get a good student discount, and hold off on buying your teen his or her own vehicle to save money on your coverage. The more access to a vehicle your teen has, the more you can expect your rates to go up.

Adding your teen to your policy doesn’t have to be a big hassle or expense. To quickly and affordably cover your teen driver and protect your family, contact North American Underwriters today. We serve Bristol, Farmington, Plainville, and the rest of Connecticut and are here to help you cover your changing auto insurance needs.