Roofs can only take so much damage until they have to be replaced; do you know how to tell the signs of an old roof in Bristol, CT?

A roof protects you from the harsh elements of nature. From the beating sun to rain and hail and other debris, your roof serves you well, but there’s only so much punishment that it can take before it must be replaced. A proper roof is essential to keep you dry, warm, and cozy throughout the whole day. While it may seem like all is normal from the ground level, the reality may be completely different up top. Here are some signs you should be able to read to tell that you need a new roof in Bristol, CT.

  1. Entire shingles are missing. While this issue can certainly be fixed by replacing the individual shingles, you may realize that finding shingles of the same shade and texture are difficult. After roofs start looking like a chess board, many people opt to replace the entire roof.
  2. Shingles are curling. There are two ways in which shingles curl: cupping and clawing. You can tell shingles are cupping when their edges are still sticking, but the middle is bulging out forming a concave shape. Clawing is the opposite, the edges are curled–like they’re experiencing rigor mortis.
  3. Your roof’s 25th birthday is drawing near. The average roof lasts only 25 years, so if you know that your roof is approaching its age of retirement, it’s time to start shopping around for a new roof. If your neighbors are all replacing their roofs, it could also be a signal since neighborhood homes were likely built around the same time.

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