Learn how to keep your curious baby alive by babyproofing all your rooms.

You baby is curious about everything—that’s why it puts everything in its mouth without a second thought. And, when they reach that age, they become very mobile. Keeping track of your baby is a very difficult thing to do, so you should get all the help you can get. Here are some great tips on how you can keep that baby safe at all times by babyproofing your home.


  • Always test the bath water before putting your little one in there for bath time.
  • Avoid slips by installing nonslip mats in and out of the tub, as well as any surfaces near the bathroom that may become wet.
  • If your medicine cabinet is not out of reach, consider investing in a lockable medicine cabinet.
  • Put away all electrical devices to prevent electrocution or strangulation.


  • Pet food is a choking hazard, and since it’s technically food, you can count on your baby putting it in its mouth. Remove the bowl from the floor as soon as it finishes eating.
  • Use stove knob covers to deter the young child from reaching and turning on the stove. Stove guards will protect them from whatever you may be cooking.
  • Remove all cleaners from under the sink cabinet. If they must be in there, then consider installing cabinet latches to keep them out and accidentally swallowing dangerous chemicals.


  • The U.S. government has banned drop-side cribs, so there’s no need to worry your genius baby will find the latch and release himself.
  • Avoid buying those plastic outlet covers. Should your baby remove them, they can become choking hazards. Consider installing sliding covers instead.
  • A baby monitor is a must. Keep cords tightly wound and away from the baby. Also, if the baby stares right into the monitor as you look at it, it may look like it’s possessed by a demon, but it’s probably just curious.
  • Store toys in lid-less toy boxes.

Keeping your baby safe, and seeing them grow is the most accomplishing thing that you can do in your life. Keeping them financially stable should you pass should not be something you have to worry about. Contact North American Underwriters for all of your life insurance needs in Bristol, Farmington, Plainville, and surrounding Connecticut areas.