Is cheap auto insurance in Connecticut worth it?

Every motorist knows that car insurance is essential. It’s one of the policies that we must have to legally drive on the road. Even so, not all car insurance are created equal. Many drivers get a better rate by cutting down on expenses – and that often translates to ‘coverage.’ All too often, people opt for a cheap policy, leaving them with little to no coverage for auto insurance in CT.

To understand the difference between quality insurance and value insurance, read on.


To get a better rate, you might choose to select lower auto insurance limits. That means that you take on more responsibility yourself, and have a higher deductible. It could also mean that if you’re ever at fault in an accident, you could face a higher deductible than you once thought and no coverage for the damage to your vehicle or personal injury. Cheaper coverage tends to leave gaps in coverage – so you end up not knowing what isn’t covered.

Policy Features

Generally, cheaper auto insurance companies only offer you coverage without the added bells and whistles. To keep costs down, they may raise your rates after a single claim, or they could drop you from a policy altogether. Affordable, quality coverage comes with features such as Small Claims Forgiveness, Incident Forgiveness and more.

Personal Service

More often than not, when you purchase a policy based on price, you’ll pay for it in time: hours on end on the customer service hold or waiting for an assistant to handle your claim. With a reputable company that offers affordable, quality insurance, you’re getting personal support and services that are tailored to your needs.

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