Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Understanding your auto insurance policy is almost as important as having one in the first place. If you are unaware of what is covered and what is excluded, it is impossible for you to feel confident in your security. We want you to be completely in the know, which is why we have gathered a scenario with some coverage option examples subject to your policy limits:

  • Medical Payments Coverage –Your bodily injury liability coverage will not cover any of your injuries, therefore, this optional medical payments coverage will cover out of pocket medical expenses  you sustain in the event of an accident . This coverage does not replace your health insurance policy.
  • Property Damage Liability –If you collided with a lamppost during a collision, your property damage liability coverage would kick in. Additionally, any damages to cars belonging to others involved in the collision will also be covered through this insurance.
  • Collision Coverage –Any damage incurred to your own vehicle will be covered under your collision coverage, minus your deductible. Since law does not require this form of coverage, it is highly recommended that you opt for this extra
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This coverage extends to vehicle repairs or replacement costs for damage resulting through no fault of the operator, such as theft, fire, broken windshield, or an act by a passing animal.
  • Rental Car Coverage –This is an extremely favorable coverage option to obtain, as it will provide you with a car while your ride is being repaired in the shop after a collision.

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