Knowing basic thermodynamics will clear up your foggy windows.

No matter where you live, the climate outside is usually going to be either too cold or too hot to your ideal human temperature. You usually have to fiddle around with the thermostat and use fans. Not until you’ve arrived at your destination temperature will the windows finally clear up.

The reason for the fogginess has to do with the moisture and differences between the outdoor and the inside temperatures of your car. By knowing how condensation and the transfer of energy works, you’ll defeat those foggy windows.

What is condensation?

You’re drinking an ice-cold glass of lemonade in the summer and you notice that your glass has started to sweat. The cold surface of your glass comes in contact with the warm moist air from the outside and steals energy from the air. This energy transfer causes the water molecules found in the atmosphere to slow down and cover the surface of your glass. So when enough water molecules stick the glass they form the water droplets we’re all familiar with.

When it’s warmer outside . . .

When it’s warmer and more humid outside than it is inside, the fog will condense on the outside. You can either:

a) Use your windshield wipers to wipe away the condensation.

b) Turn down the A/C. The more your car matches the weather outside, the less condensation.

c) Don’t use the windshield fans. Blowing cold air into direct contact with the glass will only secure its foggy fate.

When it’s colder outside . . .

When it’s colder outside than it is in your car the cold glass will act like the glass of lemonade and condense inside of your windshield. Wipers won’t work here, so what are you to do?

  1. A) You won’t like it, and you probably won’t do it, but you can lower the windows to match the outdoor temperature. If it’s not too cold, it’s a quick solution.
  2. B) Crawl into the crevasse! Warm air is making your car fog, so turning it up may seem counterintuitive. But, when you think about it, it’s really not. By heating up the water on your windshield, it may begin to evaporate and clear up. Be sure to turn off recirculation. You want your car to keep pulling the dry air from outside.

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