You’ve been pulled over for a speeding ticket, you may shrug off the amount but how will it affect your auto insurance in Farmington, CT?

Perhaps you’re running late for work, or perhaps the AFC Championship game is on and you can’t miss it. Either way, your reasons will likely not sway a police officer’s intention to give you a ticket. If you’re polite and respectful, they may let you off with a warning, but shouting, yelling, and claiming “I pay your salary!” will only make things worse for you. Assuming a warning is not given, you may be left wondering how will this affect my auto insurance?

Why do speeding tickets matter to insurance companies anyway?

The cost of your auto insurance premium depends on a few factors. These factors form a statistical value on your driving, and this value places you on a range that measures the risk factor. People with traffic infractions are associated with reckless driving and are a higher liability to insure. Thus, a higher premium is given. The opposite holds true for people with zero traffic infractions. A speeding ticket shifts you over and your insurance company will see you under a different lens. This may lead to an increase in your premium.

How does it affect your auto insurance?

  • Increased rates: By being a higher risk, you are given a higher premium. The more tickets you receive, the higher this premium may rise.
  • Less cost reduction as time goes on: Multiple traffic violations may see you miss out on some reductions that are associated with driving.

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